Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Disclaimer on the Religion Series:

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Now that I have your attention.

Religion is a rough subject. This subject carries beliefs that some people hold very dear and close to their hearts. However, many religions are also riddled with bullshit. That being said, Christians will not hesitate to say this about Islam, Muslims will not hesitate to say this about Christianity, Atheists think that all the religious people are nuts, and the religious can't understand why the Atheists are so damn stupid.

My commentary on religion is strictly my opinion. When I start talking about history, I often deal with historical theory. I find some of these historical theories very convincing. Along this line of thinking, there are loads of theories about Alexander the Great (Carnivorous horse, did he have anything to do with his father's death, who was it that killed Alexander himself). But many people have their thoughts on how it all really went down.

Many things in history, however, simply can't be denied, such as the violent history of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. There's no doubt that these religions have inspired war, and violence inspires many of their central beliefs (God kicking Egypt ass, Muhammad's conquest). This extends to nearly all religions. Try to find a story in Greek, Norse, or Egyptian mythology that doesn't center around some act of violence. Even if you find a handful that don't, compare it to the multitude that do.

An example of ass-kicking in Assyrian Mythology


That being said, while Islam, Christianity, and Judaism have violent histories, that doesn't mean they have to continue down that road. To use Christianity as an example: Modern Christians are a completely different animal from the Christians of the past with a completely different set of pros and cons. And even more different from the Christians pre-Constantine. Most of them are decent people. But there's some modern sects of Christianity that are getting out of control and want to redefine their history.

Sorry, you simply can't do that.

To my point:

If you are a Christian, Muslim, Jew, or Atheist and you're reading my site, You will come across some thought provoking posts. You can either take the invitation to think about things and discuss them, or react violently. If you react violently, I'm not going to give a rat's ass what you think. IF, however, you want to discuss something with me, go for it. I'm open to discussion and I could be wrong on some issues. But I won't know about it unless there's a rational discussion.

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