Sunday, March 1, 2009

Newfound Appreciation

I've found that over the past couple years I've been finding a new appreciation in art (paintings that is). I've even made some myself recently.

Before I took a screen-printing class last year, I had no interest in Art or Art History beyond literature and film, or other forms of art that I had already invested in. Since that class and the more recent Art History class that I'm still taking, I've found that there's a whole world of art that I've previously had ignored, and even hated out of some ignorance.

I still find most Madonna and Child paintings redundant, but whereas I found nearly all paintings boring, I've connected them to my historical interests and my interests in philosophy. I've found that most artists were interested in many of the same subjects that I'm interested in as well. They simply embodied these interests as well as their opinions on them in their paintings.

I find that my life is simply one eye opening experience after another. I can either embrace these experiences or ignore them. In the case of Art. I think I'll embrace it. I value understanding over most other things.

Nothing really profound in this post, just a remark about my constant evolution in opinions. A side-effect of having an open mind is that it changes often.

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