Sunday, April 19, 2009

Youtube again.

So why did I bash youtube (or at least give it a hard time)?

Before I answer that, watch this.

Now if you could survive this guy's annoying voice and inflection, the message is that there's a possibility of corporations taking over youtube videos. So, all the vlogs, short films, and yes... even the youtube poop, will be destroyed by the onslaught of bullshit. Youtube is becoming just another television channel in the same way that Hulu became about a year ago.

Now the difference is that Hulu set out to do this. Youtube was just meant to be a video sharing site. Hence YOUtube. YOU made the videos (or stole them) and posted it. w00t. But now, it's going to be CORPtube. Or hulutube or whatever stupid nickname you want to give it.

I think that youtube is mostly crap, but I also don't watch TV because I think it's even crappier. Soon, youtube gems such as TheAmazingAtheist, Thunderf00t, LonelyGirl15 and other random things stuff I've subscribed to are going to be eclipsed by episodes of Family Guy.

Two years ago, youtube was better. Better free speech, clearer regulations, and less bullshit. But still overwhelming amounts of youtube poop. And it's only taken two years for even the poop to turn to shit.

Which seems to be the trend with time marching on. As years pass, we get exponentially more bullshit along with technology, comfortable living, blah blah blah.

Sure, youtube has allowed us to be able to share videos that we make with everyone in the world. But what does that give us? A bunch of people sitting on their asses watching videos on the internet. The only difference between that and TV is that there's some interactive applications, lower production values, and there's less commercials.

In the grand scheme of things, how is it good that our generation can be easily defined by this?

although... It's awesome that short films are becoming more popular as a result of youtube.

The Director of this short film.

However, it's hard to make money with them considering that youtube is mostly free (money being made off advertising). But with the oncoming of this HULUtube, the short film trend will disappear as shows such as Family Guy, Lost, and Heroes become a lot more readily available. This may also kill the DVD market for those shows, or at least damage it.

It also may be a good way to fight piracy. Make the money with the adverts rather than people actually purchasing the films for film's sake. But with this, independent filmmaking will die.


DaiKamonohashi said...

Short films are awesome but I think Vimeo is easily the better place for them.

Vlogs suck. Let them die.

DaiKamonohashi said...

Props on that one short film though. I'd love to meet the guy who directed that.