Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Obviously Racist.

Obviously he just hates black people.

Fucking racist.

House Rep. Joe Wilson SC(R) is a Racist?

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What? Why can't he just be a congressman that's pissed off with the President? Why do we have to call him a racist? Is every black person that didn't like Bush a racist?

I'm baffled. Why did the LA Times print this article? It starts off fair but then moves into some sort of agenda based rhetoric. It's irritating. This is making me want Joe Wilson to run for President in 2013. He had the gall to speak out to the President when he was expounding bullshit about a Bill that doesn't exist.

I don't even think his call out was just about the illegal immigrant thing. I think it was much more about the speech as a whole piling up on him. I'm going to root for Joe Wilson in this whole thing. The criticisms toward him after he apologized is insane. Why does he need to apologize twice?


Why do we jump to racism so easily?

My comment on the LA Times Article:

Where the heck did the race thing come from? I'm very frustrated by this article. It starts off fine albeit a little slanted, but then just goes crazy racist at the end.

"For liberals, Wilson represents the just the latest face of those who will never be comfortable with Obama, in part because he is the first African American president."

This is pure speculation. What evidence do you have that Joe Wilson doesn't like Obama because he's black?